Manu Biosphere Reserve, April 2019

Manu Biosphere Reserve-April 8th to 26th 2019 Tour Leader: Gustavo Bautista ITINERARY: April 8th: We started early after breakfast, leaving from Cusco to spend the whole day birding around the high Andean lake called Huacarpay. Overnight in Cusco. April 9th to 10th: Early departure to go to Manu. First birding stop was near Huancarani where […]

Central Andes of Peru, April 2019

Central Andes of Peru-April 14th to 27th 2019 Tour leader: Fernando Angulo This was a shortened version of our regular High Andes tour and was very target-orientated, thus not as many species were seen as usual but nearly all the targets were gathered!! No other Peru itinerary provides as many less well-known and localized endemics […]

Cusco & Manu National Park, November 2018

Cusco & Manu National Park-November 5th to 23rd 2018 Tour leader: Gustavo Bautista On this 19-Day trip we recorded and saw 10 Peruvian endemics, 42 range-restricted bird species, plus the first documented (photographed) Tennessee Warbler record for Peru! We started in Cusco and continued our trip from the Andes to the lowlands, going up and […]

Lima coast, Lomas de Lachay, Abra Malaga & Manu cloud forest, October 2018

Lima coast, Lomas de Lachay, Abra Malaga & Manu cloud forest-October 10th to 26th 2018 Tour leader: Gustavo Bautista This tour started and finished on the Lima coast. Inbetween we took the ‘Manu Road trip’ (itinerary as per our “Cloud forests and mountains of Manu” tour), starting and finishing in Cusco. This enabled us to […]

Northern Peru, September/October 2018

Northern Peru-September 13th to October 2nd 2018 Tour leader: Alex Durand A twenty-day trip to North Peru, making the circuit into the interior of the country, starting and finishing in Chiclayo with a day along the coast south of Lima, targeting some of the endemic species of the area. Many have copied this trip over […]

Manu Biosphere Reserve, September 2018

Manu Biosphere Reserve, September 3rd to 21st 2018 Tour leader: Fernando Angulo ITINERARY September 3rd: Early start and birding Huacarpay Lake. Then to Huambutio bridge for Bearded Mountaneer. Later, Huaypo lake. Overnight in Cuzco. September 4th: We started in Cuzco, and went to Paucartambo via Pisac. Then we crossed the Acjanaco pass and overnighted at […]

Birding & Photography tour in Tambopata national park, October 2018

Birding & Photography tour in Tambopata national park, south-east Peru, October 13th to 22nd 2018 Tour leader: Richard Amable This tour was a customised one, designed to cover the habitats and to photograph the key species. The Tambopata national reserve is 274,690 hectares in size and is located in the Amazon basin of south-east Peru, […]

Cusco, Abra Malaga, Machu Picchu & the Limatambo area, August 2018

Cusco, Abra Malaga, Machu Picchu & the Limatambo area, August 3rd to 8th 2018 Tour leader: Gustavo Bautista A six-day trip where we reported 19 Peruvian endemics and many other range-restricted species. We saw flagship birds such as Inca Wren, Cuzco Brushfinch, Koepcke’s Screech-Owl, White-tufted Sunbeam, Bearded Mountaineer, Marcapata Spinetail, Apurimac Spinetail, Vilcabamba Tapaculo, Stripe-headed […]

Northern Peru, July/August 2018

Northern Peru, July 29th to August 11th 2018 Tour leader: Alex Durand Torres An intense two-week trip to Northern Peru targeting endemics for the most part but seeing a whole lot more in the process. We successfully saw some very good species indeed, including Scarlet-banded Barbet, Yellow-throated Spadebill, Chestnut-crowned Gnateater, Marvelous Spatuletail, Koepcke’s Hermit, Royal […]

Cusco & Manu biosphere reserve, July/August 2018

Cusco & Manu biosphere reserve, July 15th to August 3rd 2018 Tour leader: Richard Amable The Manu biosphere reserve has the highest diversity of life on Earth and is one of the most important conservation units in the world. If you were to choose one of THE best birding trips in the world, this must […]