Peru – Down the Rio Madre de Dios

After birding the trails around Villa Carmen for the morning it was time to move on. A few miles down the road three small rivers spill out of the Andes and join to create the Rio Madre de Dios. At this point it is navigable by small boats even in the dry season. The Madre […]

Peru – Over the Andes on the Manu Road

After our exploration of the Inca ruins it was time for some serious birding. We met up in Cusco with the rest of our group: Bob, Yve, Michael, and Mitchell, all from Florida. We had met Bob on our Cuba trip and he invited us to go on this trip he organized with Manu Expeditions. […]

Owls, Lakes, Hummingbirds, Cactus and Walking the Dog

Huacarpay Lakes are a well studied wetland and are 30 Km South-East of the Peruvian City of Cusco on the main road to Puno and Bolivia and are perhaps the most well-known birding location close to the city. Many birds are resident all year round but the wetland is a magnet for migrating boreal migrants […]

A Night to Remember – Iquitos Pearls, Cherries, Potoo’s and Alligator Soup

A short trip with expert guidance to the upper Nanay River in Loreto It was a typical rainy summers day in the Southern Andes of Cusco just before or after Christmas 2015 and during a conversation, now largely forgotten, with Jacob Socolar, who as I write is at the, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and […]

A Visit to Remote Chupon, Ayacucho

AN EYE WITNESS REPORT FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF AYACUCHO PERU A TALE OF THISTELTAILS, ANTPITTAS, NON-DESCRIPT TAPACULOS, RUINS AND HISTORY. The main square of Huamanga (Ayacucho) One day in May I visited the still remote Department of Ayacucho in south-central Peru. The chance came up to visit this site in Ayacucho due to the contacts […]

Vilcabamba Birds And Incan Vilcabamba

A short report from a weekend trip to the Vilcabamba Mountains. It’s most unusual that I send a blog to both my archeological and Inca expert friends and my ornithologist/birder colleagues but here it is. For the birders, Vilcabamba has a Thisteltail a Tapaculo and an enigmatic Brushfinch. For the explorers, historians and archaeologist it […]