A Night to Remember – Iquitos Pearls, Cherries, Potoo’s and Alligator Soup

A short trip with expert guidance to the upper Nanay River in Loreto It was a typical rainy summers day in the Southern Andes of Cusco just before or after Christmas 2015 and during a conversation, now largely forgotten, with Jacob Socolar, who as I write is at the, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and […]

A Visit to Remote Chupon, Ayacucho

AN EYE WITNESS REPORT FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF AYACUCHO PERU A TALE OF THISTELTAILS, ANTPITTAS, NON-DESCRIPT TAPACULOS, RUINS AND HISTORY. The main square of Huamanga (Ayacucho) One day in May I visited the still remote Department of Ayacucho in south-central Peru. The chance came up to visit this site in Ayacucho due to the contacts […]

Vilcabamba Birds And Incan Vilcabamba

A short report from a weekend trip to the Vilcabamba Mountains. It’s most unusual that I send a blog to both my archeological and Inca expert friends and my ornithologist/birder colleagues but here it is. For the birders, Vilcabamba has a Thisteltail a Tapaculo and an enigmatic Brushfinch. For the explorers, historians and archaeologist it […]